PLANET AWARE works with children and young people, their families and communities to promote awareness of the importance of healthy Oceans to our lives on Earth, and how the choices we make in our everyday lives impact them. We want to inspire and enable others to create positive change by connecting to our Coasts and Ocean and helping to ensure future generations are “Ocean literate”. Our educational sessions, coastal learning, fun campaigns, well being events and more- including on going beach litter picks! all provide opportunities for awareness and change.

Planet Aware runs a variety of learning sessions for young and primary aged children. We run family and community events, including Beach Cleans, Nurdle hunts and strand line sessions all with a creative twist. At Christmas we run our ‘Christmas-sea’ event encouraging families to celebrate by connecting with each other and their coastal environment, and think about a resource-less Christmas. We run beach based activity sessions including beach schools for children, Ocean wise (eco) groups, visiting workshops e.g Plastic Conundrum, coast based well-being activities and more. So if you are a parent, nursery, school or youth group please get in touch to for more info!

In 2019 we launched what is now the Isle of Wight Beach Hub . Here you can find out how to run your own beach clean or get involved with an organised event. 

We want to enable young people to develop projects with local partners in their community to create positive change. Local businesses and organisations and other community organisations are key to making this happen. We have previously ran Textile Transformation – our project to help keep textiles in use for longer and make people more aware of the impact of the fashion industry on our environment and our oceans – We would like to enable more projects to happen involving our young people.

At Planet Aware we are always on the look out for creative ideas and projects to help children and others connect to the coast and oceans and reduce our the impact of our daily lives. If you would like to find out more about working with us get in touch today.