Dairy Queen

Everyone trying to live a low plastic lifestyle will name one or more products that, no matter how hard they look, they just can’t find a plastic-free option. For me it is dairy.

While I now know that I can get Plastic-less cheese with a bit of forward planning, I have yet to say the same about cream. Even butter is wrapped in something dubious. Yes I know that I can switch to home delivered milk in glass bottles. And maybe I would if I knew I was not moving house in a couple of weeks. But even milk in bottles has unexpected consequences. Firstly the bottle needs to be reused a certain number of times (20? 50?) to be a good sustainable alternative. And the bottles should not travel too far if they are to cut carbon emissions as glass bottles of milk weigh more than their equivalent four pints in plastic. I think the Isle of Wight’s Queen Bower Dairy scored positively on both points until its demise especially if you were getting your milk delivered to a home in east Wight. But surely there will be a limit to the number of people willing to start work at 3am just so you and I can have plastic-free pint of milk first thing in the morning?

Back to today’s Plastic Challenge. My partner’s cooking this evening and he has come up with a largely plastic-less dinner. But, “everything is in plastic” he lamented on his return from the local Co-op. Today he has boycotted all purchases in plastic in moral support of me and the Plastic Challenge. I am very grateful for such solidarity. Until I try and make something for lunch tomorrow and find nothing more than a jar of capers in the fridge….

PS. The picture? We had a very first world problem of trying to find regular but plastic-free lemonade to go with our Pimms (I know). No chance. Curse thee Co-op. Had to make do with G&T. Such hardship….

PPS. I updated this blog slightly since I learned via the comments her and on Facebook that the Queen Bower is no more.

2 thoughts on “Dairy Queen

  1. Emma says:

    Queen Bower diary have now stopped their milk production and thus deliveries. ‘Milk and More’ have local workers supplying glass milk bottles on orders and other glass bottled drinks….no cream however. Maybe use a condensed milk in a can?! Not the same I know but an option. Love the blog xx

  2. Philippa Bond says:

    I understand the problem with the Coop. I wrote to them to ask why they had to trap their aubergines in a plastic bag when other supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Morrisons allow their aubergines to go naked except for a sticker… I just got a standard reply about how important packaging was…

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