Sing for water… or just pop in and Refill

We had a lovely afternoon talking about #Refill Isle of Wight at a beautifully dressed water fountain in Ventnor on Saturday 30 March. And we had a great song written by Glenn Koppany to promote Refill Isle of Wight!

#Refill is a simple idea – that everyone with a reusable water bottle should be able to easily fill up their water bottle while on the go. Our goal is for the #IOW to have well over 200 #Refill points by the end of the year whether they are cafes, restaurants, estate agents or at water fountains like this one – so that you are never far from a place where you can #Refill and won’t need to buy a plastic bottle of water.

Do check out our video of the day set to Glenn’s song at:

You can find out more about Refill Isle of Wight on our project pages or by getting in touch.