Alternative Spirit of Christmas December 2019

Christmas is a great time of year to rest and enjoy being with family and friends. But this message can often be lost in the noise of commercial interests and the pressure to spend money and consume stuff. So, escape for a while and celebrate in a different way with Planet Aware and friends.

The 2019 Alternative Spirit of Christmas events on 1 December at Quay Arts in Newport and on 14 December at Ventnor Exchange will bring people together to create a Yuletide celebration away from the commercial noise. It is a chance to find and share ideas and information on how we can still enjoy this time of year whilst treading gently on the Earth. Take part in craft activities designed to start us thinking about using less of our Earth’s resources, and most of all enjoy time with others whilst poets, story tellers and singers share stories of a Christmas where time with others and gifts from the heart bring us together.

Last year six performers appeared at our first ever ‘Alternative Spirit of’ event in Ventnor. If you would like the opportunity to share and perform a song, poem, or story about a less commercial Christmas we would love to hear from you. It could be something you have written yourself or something already well known.  The theme ‘Alternative Spirit of Christmas’ can encompass work about friendship, empathy, the natural world at this time of year, how you overcame a difficulty with the help of others or a stranger. Funny, sad and thoughtful pieces are all welcomed.

You will need to be a reasonably confident and able performer and enjoy performing your work in  a supportive and positive environment. Please get in touch with any questions and details of what you would like to perform via This is a family friendly event so please do consider this in your choice of material.