5. Create some beach art

Even if you think you are not a natural artist – let your imagination reign and create a piece of art to promote awareness of our amazing Oceans and the problems they face...

Showing that the coast matters to you by using things you have found on it to create a picture or an image can have an impact way beyond telling people in words. It is a chance to create a unique memory of your time by the coast, to create a message to someone to ask for change or to celebrate something you have seen or learnt about our amazing Ocean.

What do I need? 

Very little! Look out for things like pebbles, shells or seaweed to make a picture on the beach, you might even draw a picture or message in the sand and take a picture of it.  You can create some art out of some of the things you find while beach cleaning or nurdle hunting. For example, you could wash and sort some of the things you found during your beach clean to illustrate the problem of plastic pollution.

How long will it take?

This is up to you – but if it is a rainy day then spend some time at home to create your beach art from the things that you have found.

Where can I do this challenge?

Choose a place that is best for the art you want to do – or just get inspired at the beach!

Things to think about…

If you find any living creatures on the beach leave them where you found them. Dispose of any rubbish you collect but are not going to use carefully. Think about what you will do with your art once you have finished it. For example can you take it apart and compost it? You can do this if you are using natural materials that you can separate from synthetics. Try to create something that can be dismantled easily so the materials are still recyclable. Try making some natural glues (such as flour and water), dyes and paints. You might even make a functional piece of art!

This exotic animal is found in the Solent. But this particular one lives on a wall in Portsmouth. Do you know what it is and where?

Want to do more?

Get inspired by other artists!

Trudi Lloyd Williams is an artist in the New Forest who creates sculptures using waste materials particularly those that are found on the beach or that can be damaging to our marine wildlife. Find out more from her website
And check out the cuttlefish street mural above – can you find it on the streets of Portsmouth? Remember to email Planet Aware a picture of your beach art!