6. Tell someone about the oceans

The more time we spend on the coast, the more inspired we become by nature and the power of our seas. Share your inspiration with someone by writing a letter or through a video or picture.

Our politicians and others make decisions that can affect our environment – and not always for the good. Telling people about what matters to you and why you care about nature is important as you have the right to be heard. Your personal story is really powerful – and by telling this to people and asking them to make a change you will become part of a bigger group of people who are campaigning for a better future for us, our Oceans and our planet…

Ask someone you know to make a change

What do I need? 

This activity is best done when you have found an issue that you are really concerned about or feel inspired by. You might have found something during your beach cleans or read up about some of the species in the Solent and the threats they are facing. Perhaps you walked along the coast and were inspired by the beauty you saw?

How long will it take?

Your letter or video does not have to be long – just enough to introduce yourself, something about the issue you are concerned about and what you want the person to do about it. Tell them what the Ocean means to you. Be kind and respectful but clear about what you want and how you want them to contact you. You may also need to spend a bit of time researching an address for the person – or even finding the best person to write to.

Where can I do this challenge?

At home. You can write on paper or type up a letter. Instead of writing you could share a video or send a picture of the art that you did in Challenge 5.

Things to think about…

If you are using pictures or video make sure that you have permission from anyone who is in them. If you write a letter, be respectful but also clear about the change you want to see or the action that you want the person receiving the letter to take. You don’t have to write a letter to someone you don’t know – if you prefer you can tell someone within your family about your concern and talk with them about how you can make changes.

Write a poem if you prefer about what’s on your mind

Want to do more?

Find about more about the Planet Aware My Planet My Voice project. Look at the Planet Aware guide to writing a letter.You can also find out more about how Parliament works and what action your MPcould take if you contact them about the climate emergency.

Listen to For the Rebels performed by Andy Roberts and written during a My Planet My Voice song writing workshop hosted by Planet Aware and Glenn Koppany.