7. Design a poster for next year’s Challenge

We would love you to put your artist skills and imagination to work and design a poster for next year’s challenge. You can use paint, collage, or produce something on your computer. Let the Ocean inspire you…

We want people of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in our challenge. Interacting and learning more about our coastal environment and Oceans is vital to ensure that this resource remain healthy, clean and full of life for the future.

Design your poster online or by hand

What do I need? 

Pens, paper, paint, glue, a camera, a computer…you choose. Also needed: imagination, inspiration and a bit (or a lot!) of time…

How long will it take?

This is up to you! Take as long as you want or need… You don’t have to finish this challenge in one go.

Where can I do this challenge?

At the dining room table, on the floor probably not in the bathroom! Or get outdoors just watch out for those windy days …

Things to think about…

Keep your poster simple but at the same time eye catching

Create a heading including the words Ocean Challenge e.g Join the Planet Aware Summer Ocean Challenge. We can add details of dates to the poster so leave a bit of white space around the top or bottom.

Let the Ocean, all the life it holds and all the things it provides for us be your inspiration.

If you are using multi media such as sand and collage make sure you take a good photo of it – it might be better to send that rather than get more delicate work damaged in the post. 

Think about what would make you take notice of a poster and what would make it stand out.

We used some “cheeky” messaging to tell people not to litter…

Want to do more?

Art is a great way to express your ideas and emotions about the Ocean have a look on line at some great Ocean inspired art

Is it too soon to think about Christmas? Our “alternative spirit” events explored celebrating at Yuletide without trashing the planet.