7b. Shop for sustainable fish

If fish is your thing you can choose a sustainable source.

We eat approx 480,000 tons of fish in the Uk and many of our fish stocks are in decline. According to the Marine Conservation Society our favorite fish cod, tuna, haddock, salmon and prawns may not be the most sustainable and through its Good Fish Guide is encouraging us to make more sustainable choices when it comes to buying fish.

The future of the fish supper is no longer guaranteed. Overfishing is a great threat to marine wildlife and habitats with 90% of world fish stocks fully or over-exploited, add to this pressure from climate change and pollution, we’re moving into dangerous waters when it comes to the fishing in the future.

Ask where your fish is coming from and how it is fished

What do I need? 

Check out the Marine Conservation Society’s page on Responsible seafood . You can check their website or download an app of the Good Fish Guide for fish to buy and the fish to avoid.

How long will it take?

You can do this challenge whenever you choose to buy fish

Where can I do this challenge?

Talk to your local fishmonger, restaurant etc about where they get their fish from and how they ensure they are buying sustainably.

Things to think about…

Try fish that you might not normally eat if they have been sustainably farmed. You may surprise yourself!

Want to do more?

Read more about the Marine Conservation Society’s tips for sourcing sustainable seafood and their recipes for using sustainable seafood and the best time of year to make these.

Find out more about the Fisheries Bill.

Find out more about Seagrass and why it is so important for our marine habitats.