7c Make a beach clean bag

Beach cleaning is really popular but sometimes people end up using lots of single use plastic bags to collect the rubbish in. Have you got something you are about to throw away that you can make a beach clean bag out of?

We made a beach clean bag out of an old umbrella and take this out to collect the odd bits of rubbish while on a walk. It is also a handy size for a child to use when beach cleaning. They can be wiped clean or rinsed out with rain water from a water butt and hung outside to dry.

We made this from a some fabric off a discarded broken umbrella

What do I need? 

A broken umbrella – our instructions about making a beach clean bag and some sewing bits and pieces.  https://planetaware.co.uk/2020/02/17/make-a-mini-beach-clean-bag/

How long will it take?

Cutting and stitching our bag took less than an hour – you might be quicker than this or need a bit longer.

Where can I do this challenge?

This is one to do at home – before taking out your bag on your next walk.

Things to think about…

Take care when using your sewing stuff. If you are re-using or “upcycling” use as much as you can of the original material

This one even came with its own tie!

Want to do more?

Follow the hashtag #TextileTransformation to find out about Planet Aware’s project on reducing waste from textiles.