Cut your waste

We are all staying home for the NHS. But what else can we do to support our essential workers? Refuse collectors are still picking up the rubbish and dealing with high sickness and isolation in their own workforce. And with more of us at home there is a good chance we are producing more waste than usual. Now is the time to really embrace re-using and reducing.


Freeze it
If you are going out infrequently to stock up, then make the most of your freezer. LoveFoodHateWaste will give you all the advice you need on storing your food so it does not go to waste.

Finish it
Have another look at the food your consume – can you eat it with skins on? Use leftovers in soups or stews. Riverford’s recipe section has a search based on ingredients.

Compost it
For the food you cannot eat then compost it instead of binning it if you have space in your garden to make your own compost heap.

In the home

Use old clothes for new textiles
Get crafty and creative with textiles that you are no longer using. An old T-shirt can become a ball of wool. Yes, it can. 

Mend that electrical item
IFixit is a site that helps people learn to fix their own items. If you need more help search for a local repair cafe who may be running some online help sessions.

Be smarter with water
With more days feeling like stay at home Sundays then there is a temptation to do jobs that use more water. Avoid using too much water to clean the car and capture rain water if you are watering the garden. You an even mend your own dripping tap. Could you reduce your water consumption to achieve Target 100?


Make your own bag
Got some spare fabric and a sewing machine? Make some tote bags or a bag out of a T-shirt you were about to chuck out for next time you need to go shopping. Lightweight fabric can be made into vegetable bags – make different sizes.

Don’t buy bottled water
By ceasing to deliver bottled water Ocado are now able to make an additional 6,000 deliveries a week. We are lucky to live in a country that has safe and clean tap water – let us make the most of it and avoid generating plastic waste at the same time.

Get creative with cardboard
A lot of households will be getting more deliveries than usual. If we can divert that cardboard from our bins by using it for craft projects or by composting it then it will reduce the burden on our refuse collectors.

And if you have a garden then make the most of this time to let nature take over.
Let the lawn grow a bit longer and leave an area of weeds and logs and branches for wildlife.