Textile Transformation

With a third of the items in the average wardrobe remaining unworn for over a year and three-quarters of clothing ending up in landfill the impact of the traditional textile and fashion industry is massively unsustainable.

Textile Transformation is a one year project based in Havant, Hampshire that  will help reduce the amount of clothes being thrown away by sharing creative skills to mend, up-cycle and make better use of clothing – keeping it in use for longer.

We are thrilled to be running Textile Transformation in partnership with Making Space, a community-based craft organisation that creates opportunities for people to discover and develop design and making skills, increasing personal wellbeing through involvement in high-quality craft.

We will be posting more details and workshop dates regularly. If you would like to find out more about the project in the meantime please email us: info@planetaware.co.uk.

Have a read of our Textile Transformation blog posts:

March 2020 Time to Dig out the Fabric Stash: A few weeks ago, we held the first of our Textile Transformation workshops. It now seems part of another lifetime, with the upheaval that Covid-19 has wrought upon our lives and lifestyles.

January 2020 Why We Need to Tackle our Clothes Addiction: We are buying many more items each year than a few decades ago – but wearing them for less long. And it is wreaking havoc on our planet. Why? Because each new item of clothing comes with a cost that is way more than just the figure on the price tag.