Got a question about Refill?

It is easy to get involved in Refill Isle of Wight but you might have a few questions. Have a look at these FAQs about Refill or get in touch.

Will offering Refills affect my water bills?
A litre of water costs around 0.2p. Filling up ten 500ml bottles would only cost you a penny.


Can we charge for Refills?
No, as the premise of Refill is free accessible drinking water.


I thought I had to offer water as a legal requirement, so why do we need Refill?
Many people feel shy about asking to have their bottle refilled. The stickers welcome and invite passers-by into businesses, which could result in a spontaneous purchase.


Are there figures that show increase in business?
A YouGov survey in 2018 highlighted that 64% of consumers would be more likely to return for future purchases if they could refill their water bottle. And 62% said they would choose a business that offered free refills over a competitor.


I’ll lose money on bottled water sales – why should I do this?
Refill will bring in passers-by who may be tempted to make a higher-margin purchase. Plus, this is a huge boost to your environmental credentials and will boost both visibility and perception of your business. We are not asking you to stop selling single use plastic bottles, we are just asking that if someone comes in asking for a Refill you’ll fill up their bottle for free.


How much will I help the environment?
The carbon footprint of producing bottled water is 500% higher than tap water. Some of it is shipped halfway around the world! The average household uses 480 plastic bottles each year, and 44% of plastic bottles aren’t even put into the recycling bin.


We have a no sticker policy, can I sign up without displaying a sticker?
We understand, we can just add you to the app. (But some companies have been happy to make an exception for Refill! For example, Costa Coffee).


Are we (the business) responsible for the hygiene?
Yes, but if you are a café or restaurant your staff will already be trained in hygiene. For non-catering businesses the key hygiene points are not touching bottles near the neck, asking customers to remove lids themselves, and maintaining a gap between bottle and water source so there is no contact. We have comprehensive hygiene guidance that we provide to all Refill Stations.


What if the bottle is filthy?
You can refuse it on these grounds. General advice to all Refillers is regularly clean your bottle as you would a glass in your home.


Can we leave if it’s not working for us?
Yes, at any time – just email and and we’ll remove you from the Refill app listings.