During Covid-19

We are facing enormous and unexpected challenges in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. We are all in this together and at Planet Aware we have some resources and ideas for steps that you can take to help others – and our planet. We will be updating these pages over the next few weeks so do check in and follow our social media for information and updates.

Education resources

A quick round up of some of the amazing resources that will help you get through the school and indeed any day by inspiring your child with the wonders of the natural world and this beautiful blue planet.

Cut your waste

Now that we are based at home, reusing and reducing your waste have become even more important to those on the frontline providing water and waste services. Find out what you can do.

My Planet My Voice

Take part in our project and share your reflections and hopes for the future of us and our planet in this time of crisis through journal writing and photography.

Share your resources and ideas to help others.