Nappy rash?

I spent a pleasant afternoon last week with Nicola Broadsmith who runs the Isle of Wight Real Nappy Network. I also learned some pretty mind-boggling stuff about disposable nappies and probably a lot more about them than I had intended. In the last comprehensive council waste survey published ten years ago disposable nappies were the single biggest item in household waste accounting for around 16% of landfilled – weighing an estimated 923 tonnes per year. Just think about that for a moment.
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Food for thought

We are more than half way through July, and for me that means that Plastic Challenge is closer to the end than to the start. Trying to cut out single use plastics from our lives has proved impossible, although I am proud with some of the progress we have made. But I am also a little sad. Not just because plastic seems to be almost everywhere (we knew that) but because it risks overshadowing the real environmental problem, which inherently is bound up with the way we live. Continue reading

Material girl

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with recycling. Don’t get me wrong, I rinse off every can, bottle and recyclable plastic container that passes through our house, diligently separating them for collection every fortnight. But I get a bit strange when I read about wonder solutions that use recycled plastic – today it seems to be roads, years ago it was  local authority-procured park benches.   Continue reading