Learn about your coast

There is so much going on at our Solent and Isle of Wight coast and beneath the water.

1. Get rockpooling

Find out more about rockpooling on our Ocean Challenge page – or check out our Isle of Wight and Solent rockpools page on Facebook – Planet Aware’s page dedicated to the wealth of marine life found in our Island and Solent rock pools/shores – for those who love the ocean and are curious to learn more and to share what they know!

If you are near a beach with a rocky shore do a bit of rockpooling of your own! You don’t even need to be near a rockpool to find interesting marine wildlife!

2. Go nurdling

Nurdles are tiny pieces of plastic that look like lentils. You can find them on many beaches – even though they should not be there. By recording where you find nurdles and roughly how many you find you can draw attention to this plastic pollution problem. Find out more.

3. Find a mermaid

Mermaid’s purses are the romantic-sounding names for the eggcases of some sharks and rays that are found around the Solent coastline. These tough leathery capsules protect the embryo as it develops inside. After several months these are ready to hatch, and a fully-formed shark or skate will emerge.

Once empty, the eggcases or mermaid’s purses often wash up on the beach. One of the best places to find them is among the strandline, where the seaweed washes up. There are many different types and by looking at the size, shape and features, you can work out which species laid the egg! Take part in in an egg hunt with a difference with the Shark Trust’s Great Eggcase Hunt!

4. Find out the Secrets of the Solent

Secrets of the Solent is run by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust which explores the wonders of the Solent in many different ways. From buying sustainable seafood to citizen science projects and textile fun with weave-a-fish there is something for everyone in this project!

5. Take our Ocean Challenge!

Our Planet Aware Ocean Challenge is a great way of getting to know the coast. You can start the challenge any time of the year – but many of these activities are great to do during the warmer days. Everything you need is here on our website!