Refill Isle of Wight



Planet Aware is working with local councils and community groups to deliver Refill Isle of Wight, helping to cut plastic pollution at source and keep the Isle of Wight a special place for both visitors and locals.

Refill ( is a simple concept – businesses and organisations pledge to offer free tap water to anyone who pops in with a refillable bottle. They sign up as Refill Stations on the Refill app and put a blue Refill sticker in their window. People can find their nearest Refill Station by downloading and using the Refill app or looking out for the Refill stickers.

Why Refill?

Here in the UK, the average household uses 480 plastic bottles a year, but only recycles 270 of them – meaning nearly half (44%) are NOT put in the recycling. And if just one in ten Brits refilled once a week instead of buying a plastic bottle of water, we’d have 340 million less plastic bottles a year in circulation.

What can I do?

The Island needs your help: You can sign up to become a Refill Isle of Wight Champion and help promote Refill in your local area by signing up one or more local businesses to the scheme. We will explain to you everything you need to know to do this. Or you can make your business an Isle of Wight Refill Station. Fill out our form below to find out more or sign yourself up using the Refill website. We will only use this information to contact you about Refill Isle of Wight. If you have more questions about Refill Isle of Wight you an email us directly at