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Do have a look at the resources that we use in our projects and that have been put together by Planet Aware and our partners.

Hidden Plastics

While we recognise single use plastics in packaging for food and drink we may be less aware of plastics found in other household items. Find out more and what you can do to avoid them. Produced for Planet Aware by Paul Diaper.

Download this leaflet by clicking the link on the right.

How much does your T-Shirt really cost?

A four page leaflet outlining the impact of the fashion industry and how we can cut textile waste. Download and print on each side of an A4 sheet.

Circular Fashion: Sustainableish Festival 2020

Want to know more?

Alternatives to the Linear Economy

What is the Circular Economy:  Ellen MacArthur Foundation

A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning Fashion’s Future

Doughnut economics – Kate Raworth

Seams to Systems – Teslin Doud – the Threads.

More about working practices and the impact of the fashion industry

Traid – for both education and what is happening in clothes recycling

Fashion Revolution – #WhoMadeMyClothes on 24 April.

Fashion for Good – museum dedicated to sustainable innovation in fashion.

Clean Clothes – campaign on making sure that workers get paid during the Covid-19 crisis

What happens when we send our poor-quality clothing abroad: An ITV report from Ghana

Fixing Fashion – A report by the Commons Environment Committee

Circularity in specific companies

Rapanui – circular T-shirts


My Planet My Journal

Journaling in the time of crisis. Planet Aware’s Anne Sayer talks to Kim Furnish about journaling in the time of crisis and why it can help us understand the value of nature today and in the future. Find out more about My Planet My Journal and journal with us for the future. Accompanying photos by Kim Furnish.

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