Join our Ocean Challenge!

Join Planet Aware and connect with our coasts, find out more about why they matter and how we can help keep them healthy. The Planet Aware Ocean Challenge is a chance to get outdoors with a purpose, learn something new while having fun. 

There are seven challenges – some are outdoor, some indoor so mix and match to suit the weather. You can do as many or as few as you want and you can do each challenge as often as you want! When you are ready to do so fill out a quick form telling us what you have done as part of the Ocean Challenge – and we will email you your Planet Aware Ocean Challenge certificate!

The seven challenges!

CHALLENGE 1: Explore those rock pools! Find out some of the amazing creatures that live on our coasts.

CHALLENGE 2: Go nurdling! What are these tiny pieces of plastic and where do they come from?

CHALLENGE 3: Get litter picking: Set an example and keep our coasts free from rubbish.

CHALLENGE 4: Be an eco-swapper! What changes can you make to help our oceans?

CHALLENGE 5: Create some sea-inspired art! Find inspiration on the beach.

CHALLENGE 6: Tell someone about the oceans! Put pen to paper or find another way of telling someone what matters to you.

CHALLENGE 7: Design a poster! Use your experiences to create a poster for next year’s Ocean Challenge!

Need to swap a challenge? You can Make your own beach clean bag or Buy sustainable fish.

You can do the seven challenges whenever you want and as often as you want between now and 6 September.

Keep a diary of what you are doing and when you do each challenge. Or you can download one of our Challenge sheets pictured here.

Do tell us about any completed challenges! Or email us with any questions ( You can also get in touch via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

Remember to read the Seashore Code! And when you have finished the challenges fill in our form to get the Challenge Certificate

The Seashore Code – an essential read before you head to the beach

Each challenge has more detailed information on an individual web page which you can download. All the links are below. Take a careful look at the Seashore Code – which is essential reading before you head for the beach! .

Keep yourself safe during the Planet Aware Ocean Challenge 
  • Check the tides before you go out
  • Always go out with another person
  • Keep an eye on the tide while you are on the beach
  • Take care on rocky or slippy ground
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after doing your challenge
  • Check the latest government advice on Covid-19 before you go out

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself – and share your love of the sea to inspire others!

Covid-19 has made this a difficult time for all of us – and shown us how important nature and our oceans are. Being stuck indoors during lockdown has made us at Planet Aware really appreciate what we have on our doorstep and how valuable it is and we hope the Challenge will get you out to explore and consider some of the issues facing our Oceans.

Important downloads…

Finished the Ocean Challenge? Submit your details to get your certificate!